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This is how the Timber Trades Journal described Gill & Robinson on the occasion of our Centenary in 1989. In the years since then we have maintained and developed our role as one of the leading UK softwood timber agents and have also diversified into distributing Swedish Timber from a UK terminal. As the structure of the UK Timber Trade has changed over the years, our customer base has also changed with an ever increasing volume of sales going to importing manufacturers and larger end users.

Gill & Robinson have a network of offices throughout the country providing truly national sales coverage throughout the UK and Ireland. Our Head Office is in the North of England in Newcastle upon Tyne, from there we look after sales to the North of England and Scotland and carry out all the financial and administrative duties of the business. Our sales branches are located in the South East and North West of England and in Yorkshire. These offices are staffed by highly experienced personnel with unrivalled local knowledge of the importing trade in their areas.

We provide our overseas principals with a full del credere agency service and give them balanced market information on the UK Imported Softwood trade. We are active members of the Timber Trade Federation and the regional Timber Trade Associations throughout the UK, with many of our sales team participating in the running of these organisations.

On November 6th 2012 contracts were completed for the sale of Gill & Robinson to the German timber agent Kullik & Rullmann AG. We expect that, with the assistance of the Kullik & Rullmann UK sales team, we will be able to increase our sales for our shippers both in the UK and abroad as well as providing our customers with new products.

updated at 19.11.2015